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The tools of the trade:

Snark: snide sarcasm
Snarked: having been snarkly fisked
Fisking: criticizing or commenting at length or point-by-point
Offsnarked: offended by the use of snark
Whineoffsnarking: letting someone know their snark has offended you
F*c%snarkoff: letting someone know you don't care if your snark has offended them
Snarkpology: An apology for offending someone with your snark with the full intention of continuing to do so


Atheism and Life of Pi
Why I Quit Atheism
The Honesty of Atheism

The Atheist View series
coming soon
On Abortion
On Gun Control
On Feminism
On Atheism
and more...



National Rationalism Examiner articles
There's a lot of snark in these

Orlando Atheism Examiner articles
Some of these are okay, I guess



Like Rolling Uphill: Realizing the Honesty of Atheism (2nd. Ed.)
Expanded, annotated, and fully snarked


Everything You Know about God is Wrong
The Disinformation Company (2007)

Richard Dawkins, Neil Gaiman, Collaborators
Russ Kick, Editor

The Honesty of Atheism by Dianna Narciso
page 180


Always Magnolia by Dianna Dann
A love story for the fractured and broken...

Camelia by Dianna Dann
April MacMillan is on the roof ready to jump when she remembers Camelia.

Zombie Revolution by D.D. Charles
It's humor, people.

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Yes. Exactly what part of "thou shalt not kill" does this person not understand?